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MuraliArts presents to you some easy to follow tutorials for all art lovers, showcasing his unique “Art Out of Waste” techniques using the special ecofriendly clay he has invented.

Clay Art

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Muralidhar’s clay special type of eco-friendly clay.

Muralidhar’s clay is a mixture of recycled material which is very soft, light in weight, uncrackable, antifungal and does not require baking. It can be used on any surface such as a regular canvas, bottles, pvc pipes, pearlpets and also thermocol sheets of any size.


Featured Art

K. Muralidhar works in various mediums. His art comprises of nature, be it landscape, portrait or the human figure; culture, be it Indian or international, sculptures, murals and to a small extent - abstract. His work displays the classical values of equilibrium and harmony through fine drawing and carving, through painting and sculpting but all with careful attention to brilliance and distinctiveness.


“He is a fantastic artist and has got excellent teaching skills.”

Anuja Budukh (on FB)

“The Clay is the best I have ever worked with. Thank you so much.”

Anoorima (Student)

“It's not just talent that makes sir special...but the genius and ability to see what no one else does!!!.”

Shweta Moni (Architect)

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