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Muralidhar is a professional artist based out of Hyderabad. He is best known for his invention of a special kind of clay and lifelike embossed art he creates using it. Muralidhar enjoys experimenting and creating new dimensions to Art!

His work displays the classical values of equilibrium and harmony through fine drawing and craving, through painting and sculpting, all done with careful attention to brilliance and distinctiveness. As an artist who also teaches a unique three-dimensional art, using this special clay, he strives to bring in innovative new practices and techniques to inculcate any art lover with, be it a professional or an amateur.


Styles Practiced.

Among his many styles, you can primarily find Original Oil Paintings, Abstract Paintings, Decorative clay Art, Clay Paintings, Sculptures, Murals and Reproductions – An Ode to famous Artists. Muralidhar has carved a unique niche for himself, as an artist, with his invention of a light weight, uncrackable, anti-fungal, eco-friendly clay. His paintings, sculptures and murals, rendered with this clay, in Oil and Acrylic, breathe with life, inspired by life.

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